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Our customised Bean&Gone characters have always been exclusive to our competition winners...until now!

Here's your chance to become part of the Bean&Gone universe! 

All you need to do is send us a picture of yourself wearing your chosen outfit, and provide us with some information about your interests/ hobbies. Our Bean&Gone designers will then work their magic and create a unique, bespoke character for YOU!

And here's the best bit, your character may appear in future books or apps as part of the Bean&Gone universe! Thats right, you could spot yourself in a future Bean&Gone adventure! 


  • Your character on a t-shirt
  • A certificate of authentication to put up on your wall to prove you're in!
  • A collection of digital avatar's so you can use your Bean&Gone character online!
  • Fame on the Bean&Gone Twitter/Facebook! We'll post each one!